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Clery Map

Clery Act reporting is based on where the incident occurred. To help distinguish which properties are reportable for the UT Knoxville campus, the Clery map color codes properties based on the reportable location definitions classified by the U.S. Department of Education. For more information on Clery reportable locations, see the Clery Crime and Locations menu tab.



The University of Tennessee, Knoxville Clery Map defines Clery geography for the main campus. The Department of Education mandates these specific properties as Clery geography. The following highlighted areas distinguish our Clery geography for reporting and notifications.

  • On Campus: These properties highlighted in dark and light orange represent UT owned or controlled campus buildings, streets and property
  • Student Resident Facilities: These properties are highlighted in red – this subset of on-campus property represents student housing
  • Public Property: These properties are public or city-owned property immediately adjacent to or run through (touch) UT owned or controlled property – only the areas highlighted in purple are categorized as Clery defined public property

*Any property not highlighted in the following colors are not considered Clery geography for reporting or notification.