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Sexual Assault Considerations

Campus Security Authorities should consider the following when sexual offenses are reported to them: Encourage the survivor to get medical attention. If the complainant is a University of Tennessee student, encourage the person to allow you to contact one of these resources:

Emergency 911
University of Tennessee Police Department 865-974-3114
Knoxville Police Department (For off-campus crime) 865-215-7450
Referral Line for Distressed Students 865-974-HELP (4357)
Sexual Assault Center of East Tennessee 24-Hour Crisis Line 865-522-7273
Student Counseling Center 865-974-2196

If complainant does not wish to seek services, it is helpful to remind them that being examined by a medical professional can help protect against sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, and other concerns. You also can share that a proper medical examination can help preserve evidence, should the complainant decide to pursue prosecution.
Because the survivor has been through such a traumatic event, they may struggle with talking about the event, remembering details, etc., in a way that is different from victims of other types of crime. Do not insist or demand information from the survivor, as they may not be comfortable disclosing such information to you. Remember, as a CSA any information reported to you cannot be kept confidential. Document what is reported to you in the Campus Security Authority reporting form.

For more information on university policies regarding sexual misconduct and relationship violence, including sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking, please visit