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Sexual Assault Considerations

Campus Security Authorities should consider the following when sexual offenses are reported to them:Encourage the survivor to get medical attention. If s/he is a University of Tennessee student, encourage the person to allow you to contact one of these university resources:

Emergency 911
University of Tennessee Police Department 865-974-3114
Sexual Assault Response Team (S.A.R.T) 865-974-HELP (4357)
Sexual Assault Center of East Tennessee 24-Hour Crisis Line 865-522-7273
Student Counseling Center 865-974-2196

If s/he does not wish to seek services, it is helpful to remind them that being examined by a medical professional can help protect against sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy, and other concerns. You also can share that a proper medical examination can help preserve evidence, should s/he decide to pursue prosecution.
Because the survivor has been through such a traumatic event, s/he may struggle with talking about the event, remembering details, etc., in a way that is different from victims of other types of crime. Do not insist or demand information from the survivor, as s/he may not be comfortable disclosing such information to you. Document the information s/he provides to you in the Campus Security Authority reporting form.

For more information on university policies regarding sexual misconduct and relationship violence, please visit

Questions about Safety Notices- Letter from Chief Lane